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 Piano Lessons 

Children and Teenagers 

Piano lessons are about much more than learning music.  They help shape the way we think, analyze, and express ourselves.  They develop concentration and self-confidence.  Our children grow in joyful ways through the language of music and the responsive touch of a keyboard.  


Keeping a child engaged and motivated while still teaching them the basics of good technique and artistry is a delicate balance.  The goal with each student is to find the key to what grabs their interest and use it as a means to develop their focus and attention to detail.  My teaching style is a combination of warmth, fun, and discipline.  Depending on what the child responds to, their learning style and goals, the approach will vary slightly for each individual.  By together picking pieces of different musical genres, they develop the nuances of musical expression and interpretation with support and encouragement.  

Feel free to contact me for a free try out lesson during which we will meet, see what your child's interests and musical experiences are, discuss your goals, and begin playing and learning together.



Maybe you are deciding to come back to the piano after decades of being away;  or perhaps you have always wanted to learn but never had the time.  Working with the self-motivation and emotional maturity of adults is a joy.  We can face any blocks you may find in your learning process together.  The collaboration is always fruitful and engaging.  


After understanding your goals, we will choose pieces, decide the approach and intensity, and come up with a lesson plan together.  It is truly never too late to learn to play! 


Adults of all ages and levels are welcome.  


Lessons are given on an either weekly or biweekly basis.  The duration may be 30, 45, or 60 minutes, depending on the level and motivation of the student.  Payment is expected monthly. 

My rates are:

30 min. - $35      

45 min. - $50       

60 min. - $70     

Every 4 months, there is the a piano party at my studio where we talk about the music they have been learning and play for each other.  Sometimes there is a theme or music history component to the gathering as well.  For those who wish, other more formal performing opportunities are made available and encouraged.  

To read more about my teaching philosophy, click here.

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