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 About Lili 


My love for the piano started as a child, listening to my mother play softly after she put us to bed.  Growing up in an immigrant household that celebrated classical music and education, I developed a love and appreciation of many cultures and artistic styles.  Piano lessons began at the age of 5 and by high school I was going on my own to take piano lessons in the city of Philadelphia with Andrew Willis while also playing in chamber music groups.  At the age of 17, I left the U.S. to study piano at the Academy of Music of the University of Belgrade, former-Yugoslavia.   For 7 years I was under the tutelage of renowned Russian pianist Igor Lazko.  Throughout my time in Europe, I performed at music festivals in Herceg Novi, Bolzano, Rome, and Geneva, studied at the Conservatoire Europeen in Paris, and performed with classical vocalists at festivals and cafe concerts throughout Paris. 
After returning to the U.S., I pursued a Masters in Music at Indiana University in Bloomington.  There I studied with Belgian pianist Evelyne Brancart.  Surrounded by such an amazing vocal faculty, I further developed my passion for vocal coaching and repertoire.  As a vocal coach and instrumental accompanist, I attended hundreds of voice lessons with world renowned singers.  Later, I continued this work at Vanderbilt and Belmont Universities in Nashville as well as Duquesne University in Pittsburgh.  Performing with various artists in both formal and informal settings, I enjoy sharing my love for music and making it accessible to everyone. 

In my personal pursuit for balance and wholeness, I have since studied massage therapy, lymphedema therapy, meditation, and yoga.  This has informed my musical approach and helped me develop a deeper awareness of the piano and music as an extension of the body and breath.  These techniques are infused in my teaching methods.
As a piano teacher over the years, I have worked with students ranging from 6 to 86 years old.  It is my passion to help my students come alive in their musical endeavors; to have the music be relevant to their personal stories.  For each student, I hope piano playing becomes as natural as breathing and a celebration of life!  


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